Our Mission

The Board of Directors of St. Paul’s Soup Kitchen has defined the principles and beliefs that guide our work and is pleased to share them here.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life in the Greater Lowell Community for those in need.

Our Mission

The mission of St. Paul’s Soup Kitchen is to serve the hungry in the Greater Lowell Community.

Our Values

Our five core values: compassion, fostering health, innovation, collaboration, and accountability say a great deal about who we are and how we plan for the future.

❖ Compassion:

We approach our work with empathy, understanding and respect for the diverse communities we serve.

❖ Fostering Health:

We want the Community of Lowell to have access to healthy food because good nutrition is essential for good health.

❖ Innovation:

We are flexible and responsive to the changing needs of the community. We lead by  inding creative ways to prevent and reduce food insecurity.

❖ Collaboration:

We know we cannot end hunger alone. We succeed in partnership with others and strive to include a rich tapestry of voices in our work.

❖ Accountability:

We deliver outstanding service, effectively and efficiently. We steward our resources with integrity and transparency.


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